"It gives me great pride to welcome you to South Africa. We will help you enjoy the many attractions South Africa and its people have to offer - the combination of superb golfing venues, the natural beauty of South Africa and its wildlife together with, we believe, some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. We have no doubt that a visit to our great country will be most enjoyable and unforgettable"

Quinton Colananni, C.E.O.

The ultimate golfing experience.
  • Visit friendly South Africa, motherland of the big 5, offering many exotic and unique golfing destinations.
  • Experience the most unforgettable and affordable sporting holiday and adventure which will be tailored to suit your personal needs and tastes.
  • A golfing extravaganza with a difference.
  • Explore our untamed wildlife, renowned wine lands and many more tourist attractions.